Changes to the Teryx - Is it "Due for a redesign"

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In 2020 Kawasaki again released the same version of the Teryx that they have had since 2016. The frame, structure and 800 cc motor has been around even longer. The next question to ask is it time for a redesign and what you would like to see for the changes?

Without a doubt this has been a great and reliable machine for my family and me. We have loved this machine since bought new in 2017 and the point of this write up/ video is to only state what improvements could be made to take this machine from good to great. Listed below are the pro’s and con’s that I feel are very important to mention.



1. Quality built machine

2. Very reliable

3. Very comfortable seating for driver and passengers

4. The LE comes with roof, doors, four led head lights, well-built front bumper and upgraded rims

5. Great price point “best bang for your buck”

6. Awesome tilt and well-built steering wheel.

7. Fox 2.0 shocks with an overall great ride in my opinion

8. Great CVT belt life

9. Great paint schemes

10. Excellent three-year warranty.




1. 800 cc motor

2. Extreme heat in cab

3. Lots of engine noise in cab

4. Little cargo space in rear

5. CVT hard to get to

6. Cage built too high in the rear

7. No arched A-Arms

8. Outdated looks


Potential Changes

Now let’s talk only about the cons and I would like to offer my solution for the fix. Again, this is only my opinion, but feel that these changes would really take this machine from good to great.

1) The motor needs to be a 1000-cc plain and simple. That alone would make this machine even more capable all around. I love hitting the mountain trails and everything in between. With that said when I like to be out in the dunes the extra horsepower would be much appreciated. Having the governor set higher at 65 or 70 mph would be a bonus as well.

2) The heat in the cab needs to be fixed by the manufacturer and it needs to come standard with heat shielding or whatever Kawasaki can come up with. In southern Utah the weather can hit 110 day after day, and it becomes quiet hot on those summer days riding.

3) Engine noise in cab needs to be addressed as well and I have another theory that might help. Having a 1000 cc motor tuned just right would allow it not to work so hard all the time bringing the heat and noise down in the cab. Stretching the frame could push the motor back for a possible fix however, based on the comments on the video, many are not in favor of extending the frame.

Check out Heat Shielding video here:

4) The smaller cargo space in rear bed can be fixed by extending the bed some or stretching the frame. Again, most are against that unless Kawasaki went to a stub noise design, otherwise I don’t see a real fix for that without changing the length.

5) The CVT is not fun to get to at all, but moving the motor back might give options, but Kawasaki would have to come up with the solution there. With that said the belt life when taken care of is great on this machine.

You can check out my service video of the CVT here:


6) The cage can be chopped down a few inches in the rear, which would allow easier access into cargo or toy hauler trailers. I think it would enhance the looks of the machine as well.

7) This machine would be great with standard arched A-Arms. The stock clearance is not bad at all on the machine, but many like mine have installed a bracket lift. It would be awesome to see Kawasaki come out with the machine setting two inches higher and arched A-Arms.

8) The looks of the Teryx are good and I find my machine to be very nice looking with the current wheel and tire setup. The color options are great and the 2020 model colors are awesome. Overall the Teryx is a little outdated and could use a transformation more than just the face lift that they gave it in 2016.



Over all the Teryx is good but it is due for some major change. To think that the Teryx is fine the way it is, and no changes are needed is a step back. One of the biggest argument about the improvements is the machine will cost more to buy. The answer to that for me is yes, I would pay two to three thousand more to have a 1000 cc power plant and some other changes mentioned above. I will say under one condition though, the three-year warranty stays. I believe Kawasaki will remap this machine shortly and with the new sport model on the horizon, it might come sooner than later.


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  • Did they not make some changes/modifications in the 2020 Teryx LE to help Quiet & Cool the Engine?

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