Lifetime 55 QT High Performance Cooler

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Since we’re a group of deranged off-roader's, we like to push our machines to the limit and that often means we are out in the sun for a full day or more. On these rides, its important to have our food and beverages protected and kept cold for the whole trip. 

We picked up the Lifetime 55 QT High Performance cooler from the local Lifetime store and tested it out on a recent trip. This rugged cooler has many of the features you find on cooler 5 times it's price and in our opinion, performs just as well. 

After abusing it over a long weekend and I have to say, this thing is legit! The rugged design, gasket seal, and beefy latches kept everything cold and protected.  It’s a well-built cooler with nice locking latches and a well enforced lid with hinges. 

Additional features include:

- Removable seal

- Heavy duty handles

- Bottle opener

- Easy to use drain plug.

It retails around $130. This is not a paid sponsorship and we received nothing for this review but we definitely recommend taking a look if your in the market for a new cooler. $300 less on a cooler is $300 more you can spend on your ride... or in the DoR shop! ;-)

Here's a quick video review of this cooler that Garrett did.

If you don't see it in your local Wal-Mart, you can buy it here on Amazon.


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