SuperATV Half Windshield - Quick Review

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 We have installed SuperATV windshields on two of our machines now and thought it was time for a Quick Review. Garrett installed the Super ATV tinted half windshield on his Teryx 4 and Dave has installed the Vented full windshield on his Can-Am Defender. Here are a few of our thoughts on the SuperATV products. For additional thoughts and installation, click the links below to view our YouTube videos on them.

Price: After shopping around for what we wanted, both windshields seemed to be priced competitively when compared to similar products in the market.

Quality: Although quality can vary by material, we thought both windshields were well made. We particularly liked the mounting straps that give it a more finished look than some of the straight Velcro straps you see out there.

Pros and Cons:

Teryx4 Tinted Half

Video: Teryx4 Walkaround and Half Windshield Review

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  • easy install
  • can be removed easily
  • diverts wind up and over driver
  • great looking
  • well built
  • helps with heat in the cab 


  • if it rains you get wet
  • can scratch easy if not cleaned properly

Can-Am Defender Vented Full Windshield

Video: SuperATV Windshield - Install and Review

Purchase Through Amazon Here:


  • Pros blocks wind and rain well
  • Very clear
  • Air vents that open and close
  • Easy install


  • It's plastic

  • Can scratch if not cleaned properly

  • Flexes a little, but not enough to worry about even while trailer-ing


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