Day Whip 48 Inch Fiberglass Rod - One Whip


Day Whip 48 Inch Fiberglass Rod - One Whip

Get yourself a 1/2 inch day whip so you can sport that sweet flag you just got.

This is for the pole only - no mounting bolt on bottom so if you have a  1/2" quick release, this should fit right in. 

Please note these are not for running through the trees or any situation where you may catch the pole on something.  They do not flex.  These are made to support big flags and not bend over. So bottom line probably not ideal for heavily wooded areas unless you have a spring mount.

If you don't have our quick release mount for this day whip than you can pick up our custom mount.  We have two options, click below.

Get your SWIVL flag mount here: