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Polaris Ranger Models (2018 and newer) Throttle Maxx

Polaris Ranger Models (2018 and newer) Throttle Maxx

Click here for older Models: Throttle-MAXX pedal for Polaris Ranger (models 2014-2017) 

Easy to install, the throttle-MAXX pedal will allow any driver to maintain steady throttle control over any terrain you take your Ranger. Wherever you travel, whatever the terrain, you will have complete throttle control - decreasing foot and ankle fatigue, increasing gas mileage and making your side by side experience more enjoyable.

*Some modifications to throttle-MAXX device may be necessary in order to fit your machine.

US Patent No. 9,552,011 B2



By agreeing to purchase the throttle-MAXX Polaris Ranger pedal, I understand that this device is a change to the manufacturer's specifications and by purchasing this product I agree to not hold throttle-MAXX LLC, or Polaris, responsible for any malfunction, breakdown, damage or injury.